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Instructions for Deposit

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1) Once you obtain the necessary Bitcoin, please send the Bitcoin needed for the deposit to this address:


2) I will send you a confirmation once I confirm that the transaction has been completed. 


To send a Amazon Japan Gift Card:

1. Go to this link: Click Here (Custom Amazon Gift Card)

2. Change the Language to English (via the button shown here)














3. Select the gift card amount. (Use the custom entry box at the end)

4. Delivery By Email Address:

5. Enter any other fields that that you would like to (Name, Comment, etc.)

6. Quantity = 1

7. When to deliver = Now

8. Click "Buy Now"

9. Create Amazon Japan Account & Complete Purchase

10. I will confirm the card once the email arrives from Amazon Japan. 

Note: It has to be Amazon Japan in order for me to receive Yen. Amazon in other countries, cannot be used in Japan. Thank you for your understanding!

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