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Considerations & Rates

1 hour - 360 USD / 45,000 Yen 

1.5 hours - 480 USD / 60,000 Yen

2 hours - 600 USD / 75,000 Yen

For dates not at love hotels: +40 USD / +5,000 yen

For both new and repeating clients, I cannot confirm your request beyond three weeks. All booking requests will be require a deposit of 5,000 Yen to ensure our time. Your understanding would be very much appreciated. Please contact me for for the detailed on deposit arrangement. Both your personal information and mine will be anonymous. (See the bottom of this page for terms & conditions on deposits...)

Please note that our time starts when we enter the hotel room. However, if we have to wait more than 10 minutes for a hotel room, our time would begin at this point. 

Dinner/Social Plans

Plan A: 800 USD / 100,000 Yen - 3 Hours (Minimum 1 Hour Social Time)

Plan B: 960 USD / 120,000 Yen - 4 Hours (Minimum 2 Hours Social Time)

3P Arrangements

For MFF (male, female, female) sessions, I am available for these types of dates. However, I do not provide my services to couples. There is no additional fee from my side for this arrangement, please feel free to ask.  


Payment Options

Cash Only - US Dollars or Japanese Yen 

Terms & Conditions of Deposits

All bookings will require a 5,000 Yen deposit. There are three (3) different types of payments available. All available options never reveal any of your private information. Please ask me about the details about deposit options when we arrange your date plan. 

It is very plausible that unexpected things can happen. We all sometimes get sick unfortunately or other life events causes either of us to cancel or change the booking. At this time, deposits are non-refundable but can transferrable to our next date within 6 months if you give me at least 5 days (120 hours) of advanced notice.

If you need to reschedule our date within 120 hours from the original booking, your deposit will be a cancellation fee and I would have to ask you to pay a new deposit to re-book. 

I will do my absolute best to not cancel on you however, I cannot say it never could happen. If I have to cancel our date, your deposit will be transferred to our next date. There is no time limit on the deposit applicability in this case. 

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