Considerations & Rates

1 hour - 35,000 Yen 

1.5 hours - 50,000 Yen

2 hours - 65,000 Yen

3 hours - 95,000 Yen

For dates not at love hotels: +3,000 yen

Dinner/Social Plans

Plan A: 85,000 Yen - 3 Hours (Minimum 1 Hour Social Time)

Plan B: 100,000 Yen - 4 Hours (Minimum 2 Hours Social Time)

Dinner/Social Extension: 25,000 Yen/1 Hour

For New Clients

For new clients, I only accept 2 hours or less for the first appointment.  (Except dinner plan appointments)

Customized/Travel Plans

Customized overnight plan is available from 240,000 Yen/8 Hours, for repeating clients only. For one or multiple day dates and fly-me-to-you dates, please inquire with me. 

3P Arrangements

For MFF (male, female, female) sessions, I am available for these types of dates. However, I do not provide my services to couples. Please tell me what kind of lady you would to have join us. There is no additional fee from my side for this arrangement, please feel free to ask.  

Or, you may arrange your own professional escort and I will join you. 

Note: The professional escort must have a public website. 

Payment Options

Japanese yen only; cash. No credit card, foreign currency or other electronic payment services. Thank you for your understanding.