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Age: Mid 40's

Height: 156cm

Body Type: Curvy

Languages:  Japanese (Native) English (Advanced)


No Tattoos, No Plastic Surgery, All natural.


In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and reading. I have traveled to Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Fiji, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and  America. Hong Kong and Saigon is top two ideal weekend escape cities so far.


When I could have longer vacation times, I would love to travel to Poland, Czech and Austria. I enjoy looking at old building structures. My other hobby is reading. I am a book worm. Since my major at university was Japanese literature and the language education, I especially like those that were written in 10th and 11th century such as tale of Ise and Tale of Genji.


Lately, I am into Japanese historical novels set in the everyday people society of the Edo period, especially those are written by female novelists Mari Ueza and Yumie Hiraiwa. I also like novels of Munenori Harada, First love by Ivan Turgenev and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.


My favorite music is classical music. I used to practice the Piano, Shamisen and Japanese harp. My favorite composers are Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Joseph-Maurice Ravel and Sergei Prokofiev. I enjoy watching films as well. My favorites are Love actually (2003 US/England), Indochine (1992 France), L’amant (1992 France/England), La femme defendue (1999 France), Monsieur Hire (1989 France) and Europa Europa (1990 Germany/France/Poland).


Although my hobbies are all indoor activities, it doesn’t mean I am not sociable.

I have lots of good friends. I meet them on regular basis, enjoy chatting and try new restaurants. If you are looking for a mature Japanese lady who enjoys a conversation with lots of smile like close friend yet sensual time in private room like secret lover, contact me!


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